Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blessing or curse...?

'Well at least we're not going to bake!' says the optimist in me.

At the moment it looks like the rainy season has started early in Kenya. And the five day forecast around the highland areas where we begin our cycle looks like rain, rain and more rain, washed down with some tropical storms.

Meanwhile towards the end of our trip it looks like they're having some pretty stunning storms right now (left) - so we could see some really impressive conditions on our trek.

On one hand this sounds like a real blow - after all, cycling 60 miles, often uphill is going to be tough as it is without mud, on the off-road sections, and driving rain. However, at least it may keep the dehydration at bay.

I must admit I hadn't envisaged I'd be packing so much waterproof clothing, and doubling up on my packing so there's dry clothing for every day - and I think the sun block and factor 25 might be overkill - but the interpid (idiotic?) side of me is already thinking that this will make it even more of an adventure and even more rewarding.

This morning we started taking our anti-malaria pills. So far no ill-effects, so we're all set to go.

Of course this can all change in a second and we still have to go entirely prepared for all conditions... but for some reason I find myself singing Toto's classic hit "Africa".


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