Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not long now

Only about two months to go before we set off to do our lunatic cycle challenge. Feeling a bit more real now as we start to think about visas and injections and maybe actually doing some training. Actually, the training seems to be going pretty well for most of us but not sure how much is going to be enough though. I do about 25 mile training route from my flat in Hammersmith to Kingston Upon Thames – including circuit of Richmond Park which takes me about 3 hours and leaves me knackered. Kenya will be twice that every day in African heat so going to be interesting six days to say the least. Will have to up the pace I think or it’s going to be very tough, also planning some kind of training weekend to get us used to the idea of long consecutive rides. On the fund-raising front – we are doing pretty well but have a couple more events up our sleeves including an internal pool competition and raffle at CNET which has bagged over £400 pounds so far.


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