Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seriously knackered!

Helen here: Well, nearly at the end of our training and I’m not convinced I’ll ever be ready for this challenge. I did a big push this weekend cycling about 60 miles across the South Downs on Saturday and over 30 miles to and around Richmond Park on Sunday. My thighs are still feeling it 2 days later! How I’m going to keep it up for 5 consecutive days I don’t know. Certainly don’t think I’ll be very sociable on the trip as all I can do when I’m not on a bike is sleep (and eat like a horse).

Just 3 days to go now until we fly out. I’m winding the training down (only cycling into work each day) and planning to rest after tomorrow. Also getting together all the necessary equipment: blister plasters, pain killers, diarrhoea tablets – they’re all on the list. Sounds like a great trip, doesn’t it?!

Like Will, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. Your support has been fantastic – I’m sure £13,000 will help get computers to a lot of Kenyan children.

And if you haven’t sponsored us yet, there’s still time to do so here - .


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