Friday, January 26, 2007

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Exactly a week till we go now and time for some last minute training. I have mostly been hitting the gym this week as the weather has been miserable here and actually as the air-conditioning in the gym is pretty crap, it's almost hot enough to simulate conditions in Kenya (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it).

Interestingly we have been asked to pack rain-coats for the trip which is not what I was expecting but then again we will probably be grateful for some rain during one of our 90km slogs.

Will probably make it out for a long ride at the weekend - but four laps of Richmond Park last weekend means I am kind of fed-up of my usual training circuit so may head East this time -- maybe Hammersmith to Docklands or something like it.

Got to take my first anti-malaria tablet next week so get to see how it affects me - hopefully one of the side-effects will be massively increased stamina and instant Matrix-like bike mechanic skills but I'd settle for not throwing up!

I am going to be mirroring this blog on my other work blog on ZDNet UK which you can see here. We are going to be doing some video diaries and other articles and it's easier to integrate it all together using the ZD blog system.



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