Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who'd have thought all this training would be tough?

I can honestly say I've never been so tired. The 6am, starts are beginning to take their toll. Walking across Tower Bridge this morning in the wind and rain, in order to get to the gym I felt the definite twinges of somebody's will power being sorely tested. But there's not long to go now and I think being well prepared will be well worth it once we're over in Kenya - though at the moment the idea of 30 degree heat seems a million miles away.

Currently I'm using these weekday mornings to get on the exercise bike and do an hour or so before work, I'm also doing a lot of leg weights... and then another hour at lunchtime. While getting out on my bike during the week isn't easy, replicating the stresses and strains we might be put through in the artificial environs of the gym isn't much easier. However, the legs are aching so I'm taking that as a sign that some of this training is sinking in.

As we get into the final few weeks now there are some logistics to take care of. I had all my jabs on Tuesday and am putting in for my visa next week. All that will be left to do then is some final training rides over the coming three weekends, more time in the gym and then a week of resting up ahead of the off. Sounds easy when I put it like that. (posted by Will)


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