Monday, January 29, 2007

Nearly there...

There's no getting away from it... we're but four days from heading to Kenya. With our training over, it's now time to rest up and get on with the less strenuous preparations such as packing, buying insect repellant and taking anti-malaria pills (which should be fun, side-effects permitting...)

So I find myself lying awake asking whether I've done enough training - it's too late now if I haven't. Four laps of Richmond Park was pretty easy on Saturday and I felt as though I could have kept going but for the descent of thousands of fun-runners and some kind of cross country championships.

For the first time in several weeks I also saw the famed deer in Richmond Park. But deer in a freezing cold and blustery Richmond Park is a far cry from what we can expect in a roasting hot Kenya next week. Though dodging dogs running across my path could prove useful practice.

I was delighted to hear from our team doctor this morning, filling me in on what we can expect next week... in the worst case scenario none of it sounds fun. He didn't have to tell me about the saddle sore though... after weeks and weeks of training I'm very familiar with that particular problem and will be enjoying my 'week off' this week if for no other reason than because my backside will not be anywhere near a bike saddle until Saturday morning.


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